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 Boxes Boxes - версия за печат
 Sealed Boxes
    BBM20, 20 litres (for W610, 710 etx.)
    BBM20A (for W310B)
    BBM25, 25 litres
    BBM30, 30 litres
    BBM20 & 25 are for 10" subs
    BBM30 for 12" subs
Sealed Boxes
 Vented Boxes
    BPM26, 26 litres with port for 10" subs
    BPM32, 32 litres with port for 12" subs
Vented Boxes
 Fans Fan - версия за печат
    Used for external amplifer cooling. Two models available:
      40 x 40mm
      80 x 80mm
    Protection gliles are available as accesories. Voltage, 12 volt DC.
 Grilles Grille - версия за печат
    In sizes from 4" to 15". The larger grilles are made of metal with a
    separate mountng ring.
 Grilles SG10, SG12, SG15
    Sizes from 10" to 15".
    Powerful grilles in plastic for subs with fat surround.
    For DLS MW, UR & SP subs mounting improves the mid bass.
Grilles SG10, SG12 & SG15
 Steel Ring 6,5"
    For a more stable installation of 6,5" speakers in the door side.
    A more stable mounting improves the mid bass.
Steal Ring
 Spray Glue Spray Glue - версия за печат
 Spray Glue
    Spray glue for felt mat and mock leather.
Spray Glue
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